Enterprise Solutions


This is a key part of IT management that is far to often overlooked. The lack of process becomes very evident towards the end phases of project development and critical once initial rollout occurs. We are particularly strong in areas of Release Management such as source control, continuous build, automated testing and prefer the agile approach to development.


Whether you are looking to develop an enterprise grade system or just need help in getter over a short term hurdle within your own IT department or anywhere in between. We can help.


Be it your app servers, Database, Issue Tracking or Version Control System we can help.


We don’t believe in the one tool set or IDE fits all needs approach. We are strong believers in the right tools for the job and always open to new tools.


The dynamic nature of business means that organizations need to manage change. This is often a time where staff augmentation comes in. You need high-level professionals who are up to date with the best industry practices, management and technology skills. You also need a solution that is suited to your particular needs. We can help from vision to delivery and support.

IT Infrastructure

Do you need help on your IT infrastructure? We can help with
Setting up equipment.
Configuring Systems
Sizing hardware needs

Setting up an IT team

We have been a party to many teams over the past three decades and learned what makes a winning team from both a cultural and a technical side. We can help you get the right people and also build up a working environment such as

  • Source Control Systems and branching strategies.
  • Continuous Builds and Testing
  • Building multiple test environments to get from development to production.
  • Release Management
  • Monitoring and Support


Do you have staff that you want to grow technically? We are not in the business of IT training but we are always happy to pass on best practices, tips and skills that seasoned IT professionals pick up over the decades of working with continually changing technology.


Lots of IT operations finish the deal when they deliver you your software. This is where you really need the support of your partner. We believe that support is the true test of quality. We build solutions for the long haul and take the time to do the right thing during development as this pays dividends in reduced bug counts. We also believe strongly in our support commitments.

Many of today’s systems are vital to business. They need support, monitoring and maintenance to avoid revenue-impacting situations. We understand this and will shoulder your support needs.


In these times businesses are looking to outsource many functions. There are many hidden costs with an off shore model that are at first overlooked such as time zones and rotating staff but in our experience communication is the business killer in many of these deals. Staying onshore you will get a much higher level of service.


We offer Enterprise Architecture and Development services. With our experience of the industry we know what works and what technologies still need to prove themselves. We will work with you to find the right match.